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Michelle Molle RMT


Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is an all-natural form of Egyptian hair removal. The sugar paste used is 100% natural; composed of water, sugar and lemon juice. It is environmentally safe and non-allergenic.

The sugar is applied at body temperature, ridding the threat of burning the skin and exfoliates the skin at the same time, leaving it silky and soft.

The hair is removed in the direction of growth, minimizing broken and ingrown hairs. The sugar paste is water-soluble, so it never binds to the skin causing tears, and is extremely easy to remove from the skin.

Sugaring is performed with a gloved hand. So rollers and sticks are eliminated. Sometimes strips are used as an aide to the practitioner. Bacteria is unable to survive in a high-sugar environment, but rest assured there is no double-dipping in the sugar pot.

Sugaring is able to extract shorter hairs still in the anagen or "growing" phase, which leads to permanency faster. The hair does regrow, but finer and softer. No more waiting until your hair is 1/4" long.

Body Sugaring is effective for any area of the body. Treatment times vary depending on the amount and thickness of hair.


                                                         Brows  (S)                                 $15.00

                                                          Chin   (S)                                   $10.00

                                                          Lip   (S)                                     $10.00

                                                          Lip & Brow   (S)                        $20.00

                                                          Chin & Lip   (S)                         $15.00

                                                          Sides of Face   (S)                   $20.00

                                                            Full Face   (S)                            $35.00

                                                           Underarms   (S)                        $15.00

                                                             Full Arms   (M)                          $30.00

                                                            Half Leg   (M)                             $30.00

                                                            Full Leg   (L)                               $70.00

                                                                      Bikini   (S)                                  $25.00 & up

                                                            Women's Brazilian   (M)         $60.00

                                                                    Men’s Back  (L)                        $45.00 & up

                                                                    Men’s Chest   (L)                      $35.00 & up